Things I’ve Used Somewhat

Things I’ve used somewhat seriously previously…

Concepts & Languages


Scrum is an Agile development process oriented towards software projects. One of my university group projects  required the student groups to engineer an allied health software system following solid object-oriented analysis and design principles.  It also required the use of Scrum.  We used ScrumEdge as our project management tool with myself as Scrum Master.


SQL (Structured Query Language) is a declaritive language for querying and managing database data. I’ve completed a course during my university studies on database concepts which covered the use of SQL. I’ve used it in university projects and assignments and I also use it very occasionally to maintain my own MySQL Database.

Software Systems & Packages

Visual Studio® 2008 IDE

Visual Studio is Microsoft’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for building Windows®-based software. I spent some time using Visual Studio 2008 to build modelling and simulation software projects at a previous employer.


JUnit is the best-known unit testing framework for Java.  I used this during my studies of software testing at RMIT University.

Things I’ve played with…

Concepts & Languages


HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a language for marking-up text and is an integral part of almost all web technology. I’ve encountered HTML in a number of contexts but most significantly whilst developing this website.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)  is a specification for defining how mark-up is to be presented. I’ve learnt a bit about CSS recently whilst developing this WordPress site and others.

Software Systems & Packages


CVSTrac is a web-based bug tracking solution that links to a CVS repository.  I used this at my previous employer for monitoring and administering the bug database for their then current software project.

Simulink® Modelling & Simulation Software

The Simulink software package is Mathwork’s MATLAB®-based software package for developing simulations of dynamic systems. I gained some knowledge of the package when I was required to build a C MEX S-function to integrate our simulation environment into a Simulink model.

DOORS® Requirements Management Software Package

The DOORS software package is a requirements management tool that provides functionality for creating and tracing requirements. I used this for requirements management during past employment.

Things I’ve just dabbled in…

Concepts & Languages


C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft® for writing software based on its .NET Framework. I’m currently studying and using C# and .NET.  I plan to learn a lot about the Microsoft software engineering paradigm very quickly by development of two software projects I’m planning.


PHP is a scripting language system and has historically been the language most used for web development.  Since starting to run my own web server at home I’ve had to delve into the scripts of my MediaWiki® installation and it’s numerous extensions.  I’ve not written anything in it in anger but I’ve found my way around other peoples code better than I would have expected for never having studied it seriously.


Perl is a mature scripting language most associated with the *nix programming world. Whilst working on aircraft performance estimation I was required to use some Perl scripts via a shell in a Cygwin environment.


I have started to finally look into graphics programming as I prepared to start down the road of developing project the  procedural generation of a planet.  The OpenGL API (Application Programming Interface) will likely be my graphics API of choice for some 3D graphics projects in the near future.

Software Systems & Packages

Microsoft Visual Studio® 2010 IDE

I’ve just started using the latest version of the ubiquitous IDE.  I expect it to be quite similar to 2008 but I understand it is quite an update.  I plan to make use of this along with C#, the .NET Framework and the XNA® Framework for future projects.

Apache HTTP Server™ Software Package

The Apache HTTP Server package is the most popular web server in use on the Web.  It forms another component of  my WAMP server solution stack.


The MySQL system is an open-source SQL -based DBMS (database management system.). I use it in my Windows operating system, Apache HTTP Server™ pacakge, MySQL DBMS, PHP/Perl (WAMP) web server solution stack.  I’ve only had to modify my database directly a handful of times.

Apache Tomcat™ Software Package

The Apache Tomcat package is a web server and Java servlet container. I used it whilst installing a pre-made shopping website which used it on my home workstation.  This was for an assignment study of the software testing subject at RMIT University.  Once set-up, the idea was to performance test the website/server installation using some testing tools and produce a report on our findings.

myPhpAdmin Web Application

The myPhpAdmin package is used for managing SQL databases and other server administration tasks. I used it every now and then for administering my WAMP solution stack.

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